Raise the Rates …is a coalition of community groups and organizations concerned with the level of poverty and homelessness in British Columbia. In 2002, the provincial government cut welfare rates and introduced arbitrary barriers that keep people in need from…

Justice, Not Charity. Photo by Tamara Herman.

Our Demands

Raise the Rates Coalition calls on the government to do the following: Increase income assistance to the Market Basket Measure Remove the arbitrary barriers to receiving welfare End the clawbacks of child support Raise earnings exemptions Increase the minimum wage…

Photo of Audrey Siegl

Take Action

For the month of January 2012, Jagrup Brar responded to Raise the Rates’ MLA Welfare Challenge and lived on the welfare rate of $610. This gained widespread media coverage and public support for tackling the deep poverty in BC. BC…


Letter from Stephanie Smith, BCGEU President

For me this is a challenge, for thousands of others it’s a reality Deciding to take the Welfare Food Challenge for a week, I committed to eating only the food I could buy for just $21. It’s an annual event…

Photo of the closing press conference for the 2015 Welfare Food Challenge

End of the 2015 Welfare Food Challenge: People Hungry for Change

Download the End of the 2015 Welfare Food Challenge News Release (PDF). Media Advisory For Immediate Release November 8, 2015 Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territory Photos available free here. “It’s important that we keep talking about [raising welfare rates] and…

Photo of Bif Naked speaking at the Launch of the 4th Annual Welfare Food Challenge (2015).

Musician and MP join over 100 others to say, “Raise Welfare Rates”

Download the 2015 Welfare Food Challenge Launch News Release (PDF). Media Advisory For Immediate Release November 3, 2015 Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territory More photos available free here. “We have to stand up for our neighbours.” That is what Singer…

Bif Naked and Jenny Kwan with members of the Raise the Rates Coalition launch the 2015 Welfare Food Challenge at the Aboriginal Front Door on Oct 27th, photo by Jean Swanson

Take the 2015 Welfare Food Challenge!

R to L: Harold Lavender, Bif Naked, Bill Hopwood, Jenny Kwan, and Fraser Doke. Photo by Jean Swanson The 4rd Annual Welfare Food Challenge starts on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015 and runs for one week. Sign up today! For more…

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Raise the Rates is always looking for people who would like to help fight poverty in BC. Please contact Bill Hopwood at bill50 [at] vcn.bc.ca or 778-686-5293 for more information or to join our ongoing campaign to Raise the Rates!

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